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The Depth Definition of Learning

Learning is perceive by individuals through biological and cognitive changes, even it is not taught in educational set-up. This is an automatic responses as a person grows and how he/she see the world based on his/her perspectives.

As I read the module, it shows a wide variety of knowledge definitions on learning where it is adopted culturally and be cope from people or the society. Through the Education Theory, as it was discussed, gives an insight and complete understanding behind the processes of learning and help the educators to be an effective facilitators to assist the students in understanding while learning. The mere fact of uneasy learning process is¬† from some instances that there are individuals are lazy enough to learn and just accomplish the prior requirements. But based from E. L. Thorndike, the proponent of foundation of learning, schools should enhance the children’s reasoning skills. So in this case, even an individual is a slow or fast learner there are chances of changes on where he/she is¬†comfortable in learning and able to surpass the trials.

If a person is successfully learned, you would notice a various changes of improvement and can stimulate wide and unique ideas. Well, as a teacher, I am a kind of teacher who have the perseverance to learn more and make my students learn even better. My strengths is having a good oral communication and can help the students to improve their cognitive and listening skills. Moreover, through listening can make the students understand the lessons and learned from it. The weakness that I want to overcome is the fear from criticisms.

As a student of this subject, I learned to value and understand the definitions of learning. Teaching is an art, one can possess the skill to interact with people and a work where an individual becomes a great lecturer.